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Your Herald Sun subscription gives you access to much more than breaking news. Here’s your complete guide to getting the most out of the upgraded Digital Print Edition, the exact replica of today’s newspaper.

Every day in the Herald Sun app and at digital subscribers can read Today’s Paper – an exact online copy of the daily printed newspaper including access to your favourite lift-outs and racing form guide.

The printed newspaper comes alive and you can conveniently read it in the palm of your hand, or right from your laptop.

The new Herald Sun Digital Print Edition has been rebuilt to bring you a faster, smoother and more reliable reading experience when – and where – you want it most.

Keeping the best of what Herald Sun readers enjoyed, your new Digital Print Edition has been upgraded with performance improvements, plus new features transforming the way you share, save, download and print pages.

To get started, update to the latest version of the Herald Sun app and make sure you save a new bookmark or update saved bookmarks to to access the paper in a single click. Old bookmarks will no longer be available.

Not a member? Here’s why it pays to subscribe to the Herald Sun

How to access the Digital Print Edition in the Herald Sun app

  • Tap ‘Today’s Paper’ in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Once the front page displays, tap the download arrow to save the full edition. Alternatively, tap on the front page and begin swiping to load several pages at a time.

Or, read it on your desktop computer

  • Visit
  • Login with your digital subscription details.
  • Navigate to Today’s Paper at the top of the website, in your own menu, or at the end of the site
  • Click read the paper to be taken to the digital print edition.

Here’s some of the Digital Print Edition features waiting for you

Switch from print to plain text view instantly

Digital print edition articles can be read in plain text. Click / tap the article to read in this format and increase or decrease the text size to suit. Switching back is simple – close the story to return to the Digital Print Edition where you left off.

Bookmark, save, print and share

See a page you want to read later? Tap the bookmark icon in the top toolbar to save the page, and (if viewing on our website) download the full page to your computer and print. Alternatively, tapping Clippings (web only) allows you to select a part of the page that matters to you.

Want to share the page? Tap the Share icon in the top navigation to email, tweet or post to Facebook.

Page thumbnail previews

Find the page you’re looking for, fast. With the page thumbnail preview option, scan through the Herald Sun in a flash. Tap the thumbnail to be taken straight to your chosen page.

To display thumbnails, tap the Pages tab in the bottom left of the screen.

Sections and racing form guide

Looking for a specific section, or the racing form guide? Select the Pages tab within a digital print edition for a full list of every section, displayed across your screen. Tap the section you want to read to be taken straight there.

Read aloud mode

The Digital Print Edition upgrades don’t stop there – with new text-to-speech technology, listen to every story from the Herald Sun.

To listen to a story from your desktop computer, simply click the article to open the text display pop up, followed by the ‘speaking person’ icon.

Tap the play button to listen to the full article, or highlight the words you want to hear.

Search in seconds

Find a story in seconds. Once you’ve downloaded a digital print edition, tap the magnifying glass icon in the top toolbar to scan sections, story keywords, dates, names and page numbers to find what you are looking for.

Powerful display personalisation

The Digital Print Edition experience is yours to customise. Use the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen to suit your reading preferences. Zoom in or out, fill the screen with a page or display a spread of pages to match the traditional paper.

Back editions and archive

If you’ve missed an edition or want to catch up, access recent past editions of the Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun, liftouts and inserts.

Crosswords and puzzles

Spend a bit longer with the crossword, or take our endless puzzles and Sudoku on your next road trip. Use the Archive feature to access our popular games, and download, print and share.

Help guide

If you’re reading the Digital Edition on a computer and need a refresher on these changes, tap the information icon in the top toolbar to instantly display the help guide.

Update your bookmarks

To bring you a more reliable reading experience, the web link to access the Digital Print Edition is changing. Make sure you update any bookmark, shortcut or saved link to continue accessing the new edition. Save a new bookmark with this link –

Additional features in the Herald Sun app

Library and offline access

Start building your own Herald Sun library. Each digital print edition is saved to your device, so you can read editions wherever you are, or download over Wi-Fi to save on mobile data.


Updated daily, Newsstand inside the Herald Sun app gives you a simple and clear view of the day’s front page and everything inside. Download the full edition to read, or just the liftouts and sections you want.

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