Anne-Marie used ‘dangerous’ weight gain pills while battling eating disorder

Ciao Adios singer Anne-Marie is one of the UK’s hottest exports, but says she battled a serious weight disorder, which caused her to buy “dangerous” pills online.

The 30-year-old, who has six top ten singles and two hit albums under her belt says her issues with food started from an early age.

In her book You Deserve Better, Anne-Marie said she had a fear of vomiting when she was younger and would only eat cheese sandwiches and crisps, reports The Sun.

At the age of 16 after her GCSE exams, the singer said her weight started to drop dramatically.

Anne-Marie wrote: “I stopped eating properly. I got really skinny — unhealthily so.”

Anne-Marie said her eating disorder started at a young age
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Anne-Marie said she bought the dangerous weight gain pills while on tour
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Ironically it was the weight loss that prompted the singer to buy pills online to put on weight when she went on tour with drum and bass band Rudimental when she was 22.

She said: “I’d been obsessed with being thin but I started to notice the girls they found attractive were curvy.

“Of course, me being me, I took that on board 110 per cent and totally changed my approach overnight. I started buying pills off the internet that made me put on weight. It was ridiculous, and dangerous.”

Anne-Marie’s book, which offers readers advice for self-care speaks of how the singer hit rock bottom after her dieting drama.

She revealed she was so sad she “couldn’t cry” and that a cognitive behavioural therapist told her she was depressed.

After taking a step back from performing Anne-Marie said she had “life-changing” therapy sessions, including during lockdown after she found herself in a “really bad place.”

Anne-Marie has written a book to help deal with their inner demons
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The singer says therapy has changed her life
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The Birthday singer, who recently released her second album Therapy, appeared on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 to talk about how a combination of therapy and music helped her through the pandemic.

She said: “Beyond music being therapy for a lot of people and helping people through situations and all that.

“I went through a really bad place during lockdown and just had to speak to someone. There was just no other option. I decided to speak to a therapist.

“I actually tried out a therapist about three years ago, or two years ago, and I didn’t really feel a connection. So, I think the second time around when I felt really low I was like, ‘Well, I have tried it before’.”

Anne-Marie has been open throughout her career about her struggle with mental health, including severe anxiety, which left her fearing leaving her house.

She explained: “That was the thing I thought first of all. Then my manager was like, ‘It might just be the wrong person’, so I tried again and luckily met this woman and she has honestly changed my life – changed my brain.”

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