Steph McGovern disgusted after being charged £60 for three soft drinks

Steph McGovern has shared her outrage at having to cough up a costly bill of £60 for three soft drinks.

The TV presenter, who fronts Steph’s Packed Lunch, told viewers that she was left with an eye-watering bill after ordering some very health-conscious nettle-based beverages at a London restaurant.

Explaining her anger to guests Vogue Williams and comedian Dane Baptise on Thursday episodes, Steph said:”I was somewhere quite fancy and I ordered – I was told about this new soft drink – it’s got nettles and all this stuff in.

“I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll try it with this health kick I’m on’, and I had one and I was like, ‘That’s lovely actually, I’ll have another one’.”

Steph was left with an eye-watering bill
Channel 4)

“Got the bill. £60 for three of them, they were £20 each.”

Vogue then asked her: “What was in them?” to which Steph joke: “Eternal youth, hopefully, for that much money.”

Steph remained tight-lipped about which actual restaurant but added they didn’t even contain alcohol as she was driving home.

Steph recalled her extravagant beverages as the panel discussed ‘over priced food’ and Turkish chef and restauranteur Salt Bae.

Vogue Williams also recalled her costly mishap when on holiday
Channel 4)

One customer of his restaurant posted a receipt of the bill with an eye-popping £630 just for one steak.

Meanwhile, others noticed that it had cost that customer £9 for a can of coke and £12 for a can of Red Bull.

But guest Vogue Williams, also admitted she had been caught out when holidaying in luxury island of St Barts and thought she ordered steak for a table of six for £200.

But it ended up coming to £800 instead while they were dining out on holiday in St Barts.

Vogue, who is married to Spencer Williams, said the cost “make her feel sick” at the thought of spending so much on food.

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