‘Replacing Daniel Craig’s brilliant blue-eyed Bond with a woman is unnecessary tokenism’

How lucky are we, I thought as, on Tuesday night, my husband and I took our seats in the Royal Albert Hall for the world premiere of No Time To Die.

At two hours and 43 minutes, it’s the longest Bond movie ever made, as well as Daniel Craig’s farewell – sob, sob – to his brilliant 15-year stint as James Bond.

Fifteen years! It feels like only three. And I’m still craving more.

I interviewed Craig after it was announced he’d won the coveted role back in 2006, and recall being mesmerised by his gorgeous blue eyes, and once I’d recovered from that, his dignity, intelligence, wry humour and warmth.

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He didn’t disappoint as Bond either, despite some naysayers expressing doubts, saying a blond Bond just didn’t seem right. Wrong!

All these years on from his debut, and with calls for the next 007 to be female, (no, no, no!) Daniel Craig will go down in Bond history, alongside Sean Connery, as one of the best 007s ever, only with a healthier attitude towards women, thank the Lord.

He certainly left me both shaken AND stirred (apologies for that but it had to be done)!

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However, I will be as shaken as a vodka martini, not to mention as stirred as a pan of lumpy gravy, if, in a hugely unnecessary act of tokenism, the rumours that Bond could be a woman come to pass.

It’s Bond, JAMES Bond, not Julie, not Jackie, not Jessica, nor Jane, or, indeed, any other female moniker that begins with J.

Besides, even more than the tokenism, why are we slowly trying to wipe men out of traditional male roles? What’s wrong with a man who’d risk his own life for a gorgeous girl?

And I do hope we don’t get a female Bond, in an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of way, because there are plenty of women in real life carrying out impressive roles and careers without the need to patronise them by making a statement via the Bond franchise.

And anyway M is the boss, a more than impressive woman, and not prone to being shaken OR stirred.

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