Nigeria @ 61: Too Much Bloodshed in Nigeria, For No Just Reason-Gumi

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There is too much blood flowing in the country for no apparent reason, this statement came from Prominent Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

At the peace conference organized by the Center for Advancement of Human Dignity and Value (CAHDV) in Kaduna on Thursday, September 30, Gumi made this disclosure. He attributed the cause of this unnecessary bloodshed to lack of religion, lack of knowledge and ignorance.

“I realized one thing; lack of religion, lack of knowledge; ignorance is the cause of insecurity and enlightenment is the cure. When you enlighten them, you can cure them. When you want to cure the problem the way it was created, you go into bloodshed and this is exactly what we are witnessing now.

“What we see today is lack of civilization. Too much blood is flowing in Nigeria unnecessarily and we have not yet understood the human dignity and value both the leading and the led. Man has value and dignity, you cannot force your religion on anybody. Why is blood flowing too much in the country?”

Gumi claimed that 10% of the $1 billion allocated to battle banditry in the last three years might be utilized to educate bandits and put an end to the killings and kidnappings.

Gumi indicated that his first move while visiting bandits in the jungle was to use psychology on them, and that they voiced their concerns and were prepared to change.

The Nigerian constitution, he added, guarantees that every human being has the freedom to choose his or her religion.

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