Chris Martin told off by Gwyneth Paltrow over mood swings that ‘upset’ daughter

Chris Martin says ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow told him off for being short tempered with their daughter, Apple, and with his Coldplay bandmates.

The 44-year-old singer-songwriter says he didn’t realise he had been acting like a ‘real d**k’ – and that his mood swings were making his daughter, now 17, uncomfortable.

Chris was married to 49-year-old American actress Gwyneth between 2003 and 2019 and together they have Apple as well as a son named Moses, aged 15.

Chris and Gwynnie have remained close since they split – with Gwyneth now married to screenwriter Brad Falchuk – and it seems the American star was helpful in keeping the Coldplay star’s temper in check.

Chris Martin says ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow told him off over his mood swings
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Speaking on the You Made It Weird podcast, Chris revealed: “I think sensitivity can be a superpower, especially if you’re in the business of songs or comedy where you’re trying to relate your heart to someone else’s heart.

“But I realised that my sensitivity was coming out in really bad ways with the rest of the band. I would get really stroppy in the studio or grumpy or sulky.

“Or if someone wasn’t playing it the way I wanted them to play, I would be a real d**k.

The singer admits his foul moods affected how his Coldplay bandmates felt as well as his daughter
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“When it really hit me was with my daughter. I became aware that she was so attuned to me being a ­little bit unpredictable that it was making her have to navigate that.

“I am still trying to work on that because I don’t want her to feel like she can’t be her in case her dad gets upset.

“I had to be shown that, but I’m really grateful.”

He was asked by show host, Pete Holmes, who had told him his behaviour was unacceptable, Chris replied: “Her mum”.

Gwyneth made Chris aware his mood swings were upsetting their daughter, Apple

Chris and Gwyneth also have a son, Moses

He added: “At this point she is like my big sister and there are a few people in my life who I’m grateful for ­saying, ‘You might want to work on that a bit and it might improve the whole of your life’.”

While Chris might now consider ex-wife Gwynnie ‘like a sister’, many fans think the Iron Man actress and her teenage daughter look like siblings rather than mother and daughter.

Last month, Gwyneth shared a selfie of herself posing alongside Apple, with many stunned by how young the A List star looked alongside her teenage child.

Posting a snap to Instagram to celebrate National Daughter Day, Gwyneth wrote alongside the photo:”Oh man do I love you.”

Many fans were quick to comment how alike the duo looked, with one writing: “La daughter looks like la mama. Ahahahaha. Which is a good thing.”

Chris and Gwyneth were married between 2003 and 2016
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Gwyneth celebrated her recent 49th birthday by enjoying an outdoor bath

And another gushed: “You are bonded by soul beauty and both mama daughter and a magnetic sisterhood.”

And then two days later, Gwyneth posed naked in a bath for a solo photo in celebration of her birthday.

Fans again lavished praise on the actress, with many in disbelief that she is now just one year away from 50 – with one fan writing: “Nude or in a spacesuit you are a glamorous goof. The cosmos has kissed your birth.”

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