Louisiana health system to charge workers extra if spouses, domestic partners are unvaccinated

An unvaccinated spouse is about to make things a whole lot more expensive for employees of one medical system in Louisiana.

Starting in 2022, workers at Ochsner Health will have to pay an extra $100 per paycheck if their spouse or domestic partner is unvaccinated, according to nola.com.

Last year, the company spent more than $9 million on caring for COVID patients it insured, Ochsner CEO Warner Thomas told the outlet.

“The reality is the cost of treating COVID-19, particularly for patients requiring intensive inpatient care, is expensive,” he wrote.

Ochsner Health gave its employees an Oct. 29 deadline to be fully vaccinated. So far, 82 percent have hit the mark.

The extra charge only applies to unvaccinated spouses or domestic partners covered by Ochsner’s insurance, not children, Fox News reported.

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