Victoria Beckham gives sneak peek into her wellness routine at spa retreat

Victoria Beckham, 47, has revealed how she stays looking ageless after an ‘annual check-up’ at a world-famous spa retreat in Baden-Baden, Germany.

In videos shared with her 29 million Instagram followers, her lavish break at Villa Stéphanie Spa included daily IV drips, supplements to detox the body and nutritious meals consisting of egg white omelettes and avocado.

Victoria told fans: “So we are here in Baden-Baden in German having our annual check-ups, MRIs…gosh checking literally everything. It is absolutely incredible.”

Victoria Beckham gives sneak peek into her luxury wellness routine at spa retreat.

Victoria’s nutritious meals included egg white omelettes and salmon.

She says she enjoys detoxing at the spa and going on lots of amazing hikes with David in the nearby Black Forest.

Victoria shared a glowing snap with the spa’s Dr Harry Koenig, who tailored all her treatments based on the results from her MRI and other tests at the retreat.

The treatments given to Ms Beckham included a daily supply of vitamins and amino acids, a hyperbaric oxygen treatment and a heavy metal chelation supplement- which supposedly detoxes the liver and kidneys.

The former Spice Girl also shared photos of her healthy meals which included an egg white omelette with sliced avocado and a serving of fresh salmon with vegetables.

She looks the epitome of health and says she is not wearing any makeup, taking the opportunity to promote her Victoria Beckham Beauty skincare.

Victoria with Dr Harry Koenig who tailored all her treatments.

Victoria’s treatments included a daily supply of vitamins and amino acids.

The hotel has stunning surroundings of the Black Forest and more than 1,000 hiking routes and 10 lakes.

The spa, which is located in the upmarket Brenners Park Hotel, charges between £3181 (€3717) and £19,009 (€22,208) for a weeklong stay.

With just 15 rooms and suites, this very exclusive spa is incredibly sought-after, attracting wealthy clients from all around the world who want to detox and reset.

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