Femi Adesina, other Buhari regime spokespersons are docile: APC Governors

Governors of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have described Femi Adesina and other spokespersons in the Muhammadu Buhari regime as being docile.

Director-General of the Progressive Governors Forum, Salihu Lukman, said on Sunday in Abuja that opposition parties were having a field day criticising Mr Buhari because those appointed to speak on his and the party’s behalf were doing a poor job.

Mr Lukman said the opposition parties and critics of the Buhari regime were exploiting the “passive and reactive” communication channels of the APC and the federal government to “portray both the APC and President Buhari in a bad light.”

“A major gap being exploited by the opposition against the APC and the Federal Government is that official communication both by the APC and the Federal Government are passive and reactive.

“Consequently, the opposition is succeeding in taking advantage of this reality to unfairly portray both the APC and President Buhari in a bad light.

“Efforts to engage Nigerians to secure ownership of policy initiatives are quite low, but quite some significant progress have been achieved,” Mr Lukman added.

He said the spokespersons docility was helping the narratives that the criminal activities of Boko Haram and bandits started with the Buhari regime in 2015.

The APC chieftain said while the “problem of cattle rustling in the Northwest and North-Central has graduated to banditry and it is assuming a war situation,” the Buhari regime has made progress in the fight against insecurity.

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